About Us

At Johnson Chiropractic, we work to provide quality chiropractic services at an affordable price. We build lasting relationships with our patients and educate them on how chiropractic care can increase their quality of life. We stay up to date with any changes occurring in the world of chiropractic care, and understand that every patient has their own set of individual needs.

To address these individual needs, we create customized treatment plans that are designed with each patient in mind. We believe that our chiropractic services can help restore the nervous and motor system to allow the body to heal itself naturally.

Whether you're suffering from neck, lower back, shoulder or other aches and pains, call us today to make an appointment. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with all of your chiropractic needs.

Johnson Chiropractic

455 Hepburn
Williamsport, PA 17701